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Transform adventures to memories


From sandbank trips to snorkeling adventures, romantic beach picnics to family memories made under the sun, Rasdhoo Stay invites you to do as much or as little as you like. 

Green Plants

Two minute boat ride from Rasdhoo island, lies silky white sandbank with turquoise blue seas sourrounded. Whether it’s a romantic walk along the gently lapping shore, a relaxing swim in the tropical waters, a sandcastle building competition among family members, or a game of volleyball with friends, Madivaru Finolhu beaches are waiting to be discovered.

Sandbank trip

Green Plants

The giant gentles of the seas are often spotted in and around the coral reefs of Rasdhu Atoll. Rasdhoo stay offers two spots to see these giant manta rays. One is just 05 min away and the other is 30 min boat ride from Rasdhoo. Our excursion trip is a good opportunity to swim with them up close.

Manta Ray Adventure

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Out of seven types of sea turtles, five are seen in Maldives. Our turtle excursion trip is a guided snorkeling trip that will allow you to see turtles up close. Fattaru is a coral reef nearby Rasdhoo island where we haven't missed seeing turtles in any of our tours. Commonly green turtles and hawksbill turtles are spotted in nearby reefs of Rasdhoo. 

Swim with Turtles

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How about trying an adventurous snorkeling trip. YES, you don't need to be a diver to see sharks. Black tip, white tip & grey reef sharks are commonly spotted during our snorkeling trips. With the help of our experienced guides you will be able to spot them in distance. Why not add this item to your bucket list ?

Shark snorkeling adventure

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Bring a perfect ending to your beach day. Enjoy a breathtaking boat trip, search for dolphins, they usually enjoy sunset. Prepare your camera to take the perfect shot as Dolphins spins & jumps around the boat. During this trip you get to watch the over the Maldivian horizon bit closer. 

Sunset with Dolphins

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Why not arrange a surprise romantic beach dinner  to your loved one. Experience a romantic beach dinner with sand between your toes, gentle waves lapping nearby, candle light under the stars & breathtaking ocean views. Treat your loved one to an unforgettable dining experience filled with memorable moments on the soft sandy beach

Beach Dinner arrangements

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Don't know fishing ? Not a problem. Night fishing is a fun trip accessible to guests of all ages. Our experienced guides will locate a good spot for fishing & teaches you some tips before you start fishing. Lets see who gets the biggest catch. Once the trip is over, you can select the fish that you want to be served. No catch no dinner hehe.

Nigh fishing trip

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